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Course Articulation Process

Students on USU faculty-led programs will receive USU credit automatically, while students on other programs will need to articulate their coursework to receive USU credit.

All courses from study abroad can come back as elective credit, but receiving major, minor, or general education credit is also possible. Work with the articulation specialist in the academic department or college from which you are requesting credit, as well as your academic advisor, to approve courses before you study abroad. (Your academic advisor may also be the articulation specialist in some cases.)

If you're articulating your credit from abroad back to USU, follow this process:

(See the Approving Credit page for what you should do before you go.)


1. Before you leave your host university abroad, make sure the institution knows where to send your transcripts. Inquire at the international office at your host university to find out when transcripts will be mailed, or if you're on an ISEP program, refer to the Institutional Information Sheet (IIS) provided by ISEP. Only transcripts mailed to our office can be accepted as official. Hand delivered or emailed copies will not be accepted.

2. Study Abroad will notify you via email when your transcripts have arrived, and Study Abroad will check off the "Transcripts" section in your application. Study Abroad will upload your transcript to the "Document Center" section of your application, and you will have access to it.

3. If the classes on your transcript match the classes you had previously approved on your Advance Credit Approval Form, Study Abroad will send the transcript and the Advance Credit Approval Form to the Registrar's Office to post your credit.

4. If the classes on the Advance Credit Approval Form do not match the classes on your transcript, USU Study Abroad will notify you so that you can approve the additional classes with the relevant articulation specialist and your academic advisor. You may wish to share any course syllabi, projects, papers, etc. with the articulations specialist(s) and your academic advisor(s) for consideration in their articulation of your study abroad courses. You are responsible for sending the approved Advance Credit Approval Form back to USU Study Abroad. If complete, USU Study Abroad will send your articulation to the Registrar's Office to post your credit and USU Study Abroad will check off the "Course Articulation Complete" material in your application.

5. Once articulated, the grades for the placeholder class for the term you were abroad will change from I for incomplete to SC for satisfactory completion.