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Application Instructions

How do you apply to study abroad? Follow these steps:  
  • Meet with your Study Abroad Advisor to discuss program options based on your goals for studying abroad. 
  • Determine program(s) you are interested in if you have not already done so through the Program Search
  • Meet with your Academic Advisor to see when study abroad might fit best in your academic career and to see if particular classes would be better to take on campus or abroad. Discuss specific course options for your program(s) of interest to make sure courses will fit your needs.  
  • Search for your program on our website, hit the “Apply Now” button and follow the instructions in the application. The estimated time to complete an application is 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. Please save your work often, as you will be automatically logged out after an idle period of time.  
Application instructions for different program types:  
  • If you are applying for a faculty-led program, you will fill out the USU Study Abroad application and any application/interview required by the faculty leaders for your program.  
  • If you are applying for an exchange program, you will fill out the USU Study Abroad application. After acceptance by USU, exchange students will fill out their partner institution’s application. 
  • If you are applying for an ISEP, ISA, CIEE, SIT, or SAI program, you will need to fill out both the USU Study Abroad Application and the provider’s application.  
  • On the ISEP application, students can rank up 10 programs in one application. Most students rank 3 to 5. When filling out the USU Study Abroad Application, you only need to list your top choice program from your ISEP ranking.  
Please note: ISEP has the final say of where students are placed. If you are accepted by USU before you are accepted by ISEP, it may appear that you have been accepted into your top choice by USU, though it simply means that we have accepted your application in general for that term. We will change your placement in the USU application to match your placement made by ISEP. ISEP’s placements trump USU’s placements.  

Application Evaluation Criteria:

Study Abroad reviews each application to ensure that students show appropriate academic progression and student conduct. These criteria are in place to ensure that students are ready to participate, will benefit from their study abroad experience and will contribute to a successful program. 

However, Study Abroad recognizes that individual circumstances may mean that students do not meet the criteria to study abroad. In these cases, please discuss your situation with your study abroad advisor.  

Academic Progression 

Students must show appropriate academic progression. Each program has a recommended minimum GPA for student participants to ensure successful academic participation, and students will be evaluated on their credit hours and semesters completed at USU. Study Abroad recommends that students spend at least two full-time semesters at USU before studying abroad (transfer students at least one full-time semester at USU). This ensures that students integrate into the university community and have learned from their experience of spending time on campus.  

Student Conduct 

Study Abroad will review all student applications with the Office of Student Conduct upon application and prior to departure to ensure that all students are in good standing and have no academic integrity violations, misconduct violations, or other criminal charges.  

If you do not meet these criteria, please discuss your situation with your study abroad advisor. Your study abroad advisor will advise you how you can explain your situation upon application so that your circumstances can be considered during program admission.